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Meet Mrs. Dominy

I am a 2012 graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  I hold teaching certifications in
  • Elementary Education (K-6)
  • Middle level Mathematics (7-9)
  • Middle level English Language Arts (7-9)
  • Middle level Science (7-9)


Don't forget to check out the Super Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse tonight!

This will be the first and only total lunar eclipse of 2019! The moon is closer to Earth than usual and will appear to be bigger in the sky (14% bigger in fact)! This is why it is being called a super moon! Tonight, the Earth will pass directly between the sun and the moon, blocking most of the light from the sun that reflects off of the moon to Earth. The light that does get around the surface is mostly reddish-orange in color, making the moon appear to be red! The timeline for this natural phenomenon is as follows: 9:36 pm - The moon will enter the outer part of the Earth's shadow that is created from blocking the sun. At this point, the lower left portion of the moon will start to dim slightly. 10:33 pm - The moon enters biggest part of the Earth's shadow. When this happens, part of the moon will look like it is missing. 11:41 pm - The moon will be fully immersed in the Earth's shadow. During this time, the moon will appear to be bright red. 12:12 am - The moon will be in the exact middle of the Earth's shadow. This is when the red will be at its brightest. 12:44 am - The moon will start to exit the darkest part of Earth's shadow. 2:48 am - The moon will completely exit Earth's shadow and the eclipse will end. **This will be the last total lunar eclipse visible in the U.S. until May 26, 2021!** I hope you enjoy! Ms. Corrie

Ms. Corrie has Sangha!

Hello 4th grade parents and guardians, I am happy to share that my Sangha is now officially up and running! Please check back often for update on assignments for ELA and Science. This is a great way for us to keep in touch, so please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. I will also still be checking my email! I'm excited for the year and think we're off to a great start! Thank you for your continued support! Miss Corrie