Carey Moritimore » Math


Chapter 1
How do we show how many?
Numbers 0-5
Chapter 2
What do numbers tell me?
Numbers to 10
Chapter 3
How can I show numbers beyond 10?
Teen numbers, Counting by 1's and 10's
Chapter 4
How can we show numbers in other ways?
Compose and decompose numbers to 10
Chapter 5
How cans
Chapter 6
How can I use objects to subtract?
How do we show numbers 11-19 in another way?
Compose and decompose numbers 11-19
Chapter 8
How to I describe and compare objects by length, height, and weight?
Chapter 9
How to I sort objects?
How do I identify positions?
above, below, in front, behind, next to, beside
Chapter 11
How can I compare shapes?
Square, rectangle, circle, triangle, hexagon, 
Chapter 12
How do I identify and compare three-dimensional shapes?
Sphere, cube, cylinder, cone